1. Welcome to the Specsavers Clinical Conference 2017

Welcome to the Specsavers Clinical Conference 2017


Dear optometrists, opticians, contact lens specialists, optical dispensers, audiologists and students,

It is with great pleasure that I yet again may welcome you to the Specsavers Clinical Conference.

Part of this year’s agenda was inspired by changes in legislation we experienced in the Norwegian market where optometrists got greater responsibility to assess the public’s fitness to drive when it comes to vision and visual function. The change urged optometrists to get new insight into the field and add new clinical tests and routines into stores. As part of the upskilling and upgrading process within Specsavers, it was obvious that the topic ‘vison and driving’ would benefit our profession in all our 5 countries in the Northern European market. I am so glad we can share with all of you the great research and work done by Joanne Wood and her team on vision and driving.

I am hopeful that similar initiatives will emerge in more countries and that this is the first step towards utilising the potential of optometry and optics to alleviate the ever increasing pressure on primary eye care. As a profession, we need to make sure we offer the public the best of care by which continuous education is an important factor. Improved knowledge and skills will be reflected in our communication with other health care providers. Precise and timely referrals will have positive effect on the increasing waiting lists into ophthalmology, so by systematically improving ourselves our patients and customers will benefit.

Continuous education for all store staff and professionals is of the highest priority in Specsavers. Therefore, we offer parallel sessions specially tailored towards audiology and optical dispensing. I hope you enjoy the program we have created for you!

I would like to thank you all for taking the time off work to spend the day to develop your professional knowledge together with us in Specsavers.

I also want to thank the Specsavers Clinical Conference team for a great job.

Keep on learning!

Trine Johnsen MSc
Head of Professional Advancement at Specsavers Northern Europe