1. Preparations for Specsavers Clinical Conference 2018

Preparations for Specsavers Clinical Conference 2018 are in full swing


Thinking of the Specsavers Clinical Conference 2017, we are able to look back on 5 very successful conferences.

We want to thank all participants submitting the evaluation so that we can improve ourselves for 2018. At the end of last year, we brainstormed and new ideas for this year already came about.

Every year it is a challenge to set up a professional and interesting program for all our participants. With a highly dedicated team we aim enthusiastically to create a good and professional event in all countries. Our goal is to once again contribute to the continuous training of professionals. What makes our conference unique, is that it is not only for opticians, contact lens specialists and optometrists, but also for our sales staff and in the Netherlands for the audiologists and their assistants.

Not in all countries refresher training is a necessity, but the real professionals always want to learn more about what is happening in their profession.

Put the date in your calendar – registration starts 1 May via our website www.clinicalconference.eu. Updates on the conferences can be found here as well.

Saturday 6 October 2018



Sunday 7 October 2018



Tuesday 9 October 2018



Wednesday 10 October 2018



Thursday 11 October 2018