1. Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

On this page you can find the answers to most questions about the Specsavers Clinical Conference. Can't find your answer? Please contact us! 

Clinical Conference 2018 has ended. Feel free to subscribe on the homepage to stay informed on the next Clinical Conference.

1. Why does Specsavers organise the Clinical Conference?
It’s Specsavers’ vision to expand the professionalism of the industry both within as outside the company. With the Clinical Conference, Specsavers allows all professionals in eye- and hearcare to increase their knowledge by receiving presentations from leaders in the industry, as well as network with their peers and bringing them together with suppliers. This successful concept has been running for over 20 years in the UK, and is now on it’s 8th year in Northern Europe.

2. Who is the Specsavers Clinical Conference for?
The Specsavers Clinical Conference is specifically for professionals in eye- and hearcare. The programs are focused on optometrists, opticians, contactlens specialists, optical dispensers, optometry students and audiologists, but ENT’s and eye doctors are also more than welcome of course.

3. Who will present at the Specsavers Clinical Conference?
The Specsavers Clinical Conference features national and international speakers from the eye- and hearcare industries. For the latest version of the program please consult this page.

4. When will the Clinical Conference take place?
The Clinical Conference will take place  between October 6th and 11th 2018, subsequently at the following locations:

  • October 6th, Stockholm, Sweden
  • October 7th, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • October 9th, Helsinki, Finland
  • October 10th, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • October 11th, Oslo, Norway 

5. Where will the Clinical Conference be held, and how do I get there?
The Clinical Conference in the Netherlands will be held at the Media Plaza in Utrecht.

6. At what time will the Clinical Conference start, and when will it end?
The Clinical Conference will start at 9 AM, and end at approximately 5 PM. For the latest version of the program, please visit this page.

7. How many people will attend the Specsavers Clinical Conference?
In 2017, more than 2.200 professionals attended the conference over 5 countries, of which approximately 600 in the Netherlands, making it the perfect event to extend your knowledge as well as network with your peers. Please note there is limited availability, so if you’re interested make sure you register well up front.

8. Are there any costs for registration?
Early birds go free until August 15th. If you register after this date, the costs for attending are €120. So be sure to register in time! Students can register for free until 17 September.

9. Can I register as a team?
Unfortunately it is not possible to register as a team. Each participant has to be registered individually.

10. Can I attend only part of the conference?
Yes, it is possible to attend only part of the conference. Please do mind however you will only be able to follow entire sessions, you will not be able to enter or leave the room during. Also bear in mind that if you do not attend the entire day, you will not be eligible for accreditation points from ADAP, Kabiz or StAr.

11. Will there be food and drinks arranged?
Yes. During the day there will be several breaks, including a lunch buffet.

12. Can I let you know about my dietary needs or wishes?
Yes. Upon registration you will be able to indicate whether you would like halal food or have any allergies.

13. I can’t come to the conference anymore, do I have to unregister?
Yes. Because there is limited availability we kindly request you to unregister if you can’t come, so someone else can. If you wish to do so, please send an email to registration.scc@specsavers.com with the subject ‘Unregistration from the Specsavers Clinical Conference’.

14. Will I receive accreditation points for attending the Specsavers Clinical Conference?
Yes. For attending the Specsavers Clinical Conference there will be 5 ADAP, 5 Kabiz and 20 StAr points awarded.

15. What are ADAP, Kabiz and StAr points?
Optometrists can register themselves to the KP (Kwaliteitsregister Paramedics). This registration will have to be renewed every 5 years. In order to be eligible for renewal, an optometrist will have to score accreditation (Accreditatie Deskundigheidsbevorderende Activiteiten Paramedici or ADAP) points.

Contactlens specialists who are a member of the ANVC (Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging voor Contactlensspecialisten) are able to register themselves with Kabiz (Kwaliteitsregistratie en Accreditatie Beroepsbeoefenaren in de Zorg). In order to remain registered, they will also have to score accreditation points.

Audiologists are able to register themselves with StAr (Stichting Audicienregister), the quality registration for the audiology sector. In order to remain registered, they will also have to score accreditation points.

16. Will there be a goodiebag?
Of course! We will  definitely not let you leave empty handed.

17. Will there be an exhibition?
Yes. At the beginning and during the breaks of the Specsavers Clinical Conference there will be a business fair where suppliers from the industry will inform you on their products and services.

18. Can I sponsor the Specsavers Clinical Conference?
If you would like a stall at our business fair or would like to sponsor the Specsavers Clinical Conference otherwise, please send an email to scc@specsavers.com with the subject ‘Sponsorship enquiry Specsavers Clinical Conference’.

19. My question is not here. Whom do I contact?
If you have a question that is not mentioned here, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.